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Problem Statement



How can we give citizens a greater stake in decision-making on climate action so that solutions and policy can be co-created and result in better outcomes?


There are a number of reporting frameworks to guide companies increase their level of ESG disclosure. How can we encourage companies – not just public listed ones - to adopt these frameworks and increase their disclosure and performance on sustainability issues?

Reuse Only

Singaporeans have one of the highest carbon footprints per capita. In the recent OCBCClimate Index survey, it revealed that our awareness levels are high, but it does not translate to high levels of adoption of sustainable living. How might we encourage this shift from awareness to adoption, and how might we measure it?


From an urban planning perspective, while designing the future of the nation, how can we enhance liveability in Singapore?

The Green Alliance

What role can Singapore play in implementing nature-based solutions, locally and regionally?

Eco Map

SMEs are the backbone of the economy yet many of  them are limited in resources or understanding of sustainability issues. How  might we improve SME’s accessibility to tools and resources to help them  accelerate the adoption of green technologies?



How might we accelerate the adoption rate of  electric vehicles and infrastructures in Singapore for a cleaner transport system?


Green Jobs

How might we further engage the youth population to explore opportunities in the STEM field and increase the uptake of green jobs?

See Level

As the world continues to feel the impacts of climate change, how might we design our city such that it is climate resilient?


To mitigate the effects of supply-chain disruptions, Singapore aims to produce 30% of its nutritional needs by 2030. How might we increase community awareness and support for locally produced food?


Bottles Out

The circular economy is fast gaining traction around the world as an important mechanism for us to become responsible stewards of our precious resources. How might we incorporate the concepts of circularity into companies’ long term business strategies and how will we measure its progress?