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A sustainability-focused academy dedicated to media and communication education, enabling individuals with tools to produce high quality content to advance sustainability in Singapore.

About the programme


The sustainability media academy caters to young aspiring journalists and content producers, to help them better understand sustainability issues and develop expertise and authority to produce content around it. This will help to raise the awareness levels among Singapore society as well as raise the level of trust information and quality of debate on sustainability issues.

The academy acts as an enabler for these individuals to learn to produce high quality content to advance sustainability in Singapore. A bulk of the social norms and perceptions in our society are based on the information we consume. There is therefore a need to engage individuals and raise their level of understanding. The academy will equip individuals with the right mindset and tools in their pursuit of knowledge and content production around sustainability issues.

We will work in partnership with Eco-Business, Asia Pacific’s leading digital media organisation on sustainable development, to curate and offer a unique curriculum catered for young aspiring journalists and/or content producers, who are keen to dive into the sustainability landscape.


The sustainability media academy will offer 3 modules:

Module Name Description Schedule Registration
101 Journalism in Sustainability This module covers the fundamentals of the journalism discipline, as well as a broad overview of sustainability issues.
Multimedia Production This module covers the fundamentals of key multimedia production formats and how it can be used for storytelling purposes to advance sustainability.
Developing Beats This module covers the fundamentals on how an aspiring journalist can work on discovering a niche topic or subject area in the field of sustainability.

These workshops enable the beneficiaries’ understanding of the multi-faceted issues in driving sustainable development in Singapore. It also aims to enable participants to explore a wide range of topic verticals to identify an area they are passionate in or keen to develop deep expertise.

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