Reforesting Asia

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Coming together to reforest Indonesia, India, the Philippines and Vietnam.

About the Programme

Reforesting Asia is a campaign to raise US$10,000 to plant trees and restore forests in four Asian countries.

For every dollar donated, One Tree Planted will plant a tree in an area that needs it.

Humanity depends on forests for survival. Forests provide oxygen and food, regulate our water supply, and provide habitats for more than half of all species on land and jobs and resources for the global economy. But around the world, forests are under threat from wildfires and development-fuelled deforestation.

That is why EB Impact and Eco-Business have set a target to plant 10,000 trees in Asia as part of our climate change initiative, Changing Course.

With your help, we will plant native tree species in India, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam to restore the forests and empower local communities.

For every dollar you donate, you’ll be taking a small step towards bringing nature back.

How can you help

Every US$1 donation will mean one tree planted to mitigate climate change, support ecological restoration efforts and local communities.

When the project has been completed and the tree has been planted, you will receive an update from One Tree Planted.

*Update: This programme has ended. The EB Impact team would like to take this opportunity to thank our donors for making this campaign possible. If you would like to contribute to an environment-related programme, please check out our other programme A Little Wild.


Changing Course 2019 is the second edition of Eco-Business’ flagship climate initiative that raises awareness on climate change and inspires action to address it. The centrepiece to the initiative, Changing Course 2019: An exploration of our climate crisis, is an interactive exhibition held at the ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sands in Singapore from 5 October to 3 November 2019. Developed by Eco-Business journalists, the photographs and VR experience shine a spotight on the relationship between the melting North and Asia to provoke answers to this central question: Can humanity change course?


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