COP27 Youth Climate Hackathon (CYCH)

In the Singapore Pavilion, explore the city-state's innovations to balance realities, local needs, and the global agenda for a low-carbon, climate-resilient future.​ Framed around the Singapore Green Plan 2030 and various thematic days, the pavilion will show how Singapore's green solutions can spark ideas for cities and communities around the world and inspire a future of many green possibilities.In partnership with the Prime Minister's Office - Singapore (PMO), EB Impact hosted The COP27 Youth Climate Hackathon (CYCH) at the COP27 Singapore Pavilion.


About the hackathon

In partnership with the Prime Minister's Office Singapore (PMO), EB Impact hosted The COP27 Youth Climate Hackathon (CYCH) at the COP27 Singapore Pavilion in Sharm El-Sheik, Egypt. The CYCH aims to contribute to the momentum already building ahead of this critical international conference and provide youths with the opportunity to amplify their perspectives and engage in dialogue. The CYCH is designed to bring together youths' and have their voices heard, share their knowledge and opinions, and exchange innovative solutions to address the most pressing sustainability and climate-related challenges.

The objectives of the hackathon are: 

  • Dialogue: To create a platform for youths to engage and contribute to the conversation surrounding COP27 and its key themes ​
  • Collaboration: To foster a cross-country collaborative mindset amongst youths on environmental and climate policies ​
  • Activism and Representation: To provide a space for young people to share their perspectives and demands concerning international climate and environmental negotiations   ​

Panel Discussion Overview

Title: How can youth voices be heard before, during and after the COP27 conference? 

In parallel with the negotiations tracks, the COP27 Egyptian Presidency has designated several key thematic days that will place several panel discussions, roundtables and side events on its agenda. The thematic days come as part of our efforts to enable a broad interaction with various stakeholders where the voice of Youth, women, civil society and indigenous people will be at the centre of these discussions and an enabler to its influence.  

At the centre of The COP27 Youth Climate Hackathon (CYCH)is that youths' voices should be heard. The hackathon aims to allow youths to share and find the solutions that are closest to them with others in the room and share some real strategic next steps on how they can overcome these challenges.  

This panel discussion will discuss the thematic pillars of COP27  and go deeper into how Youth can help promote the inclusion of youth and youth organisations around the world during the conference itself. Along with deepening the understanding of the question of How can youth voices be heard before, during, and after the conference?  

Media Coverage

Channel News Asia

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong

  • Post on LinkedIn around the COP27 SG Pavilion, featuring EB Impact. See here.


As youth leaders in their space, the speakers will share their knowledge and context on how to get their voices heard and, as youths, get involved in the conversations:



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