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Established in 2019, EB Impact is a non-profit based in Singapore dedicated to delivering training and programmes that advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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To ensure a sustainable future, we need to start thinking and acting more responsibly towards the environment and society. This can only be achieved if we have the skills and relevant information to make the right choices.
Education is the way forward. It shapes one’s judgement, values and behaviour and encourages people to take a step in the right direction towards positive sustainable development.


In time to come, the world might have the largest youth population and they will grow to become future leaders of the next generation. Youths of our generation are increasingly aware of the climate crisis and have demonstrated interest in making a real change. The opportunity lies in how we might be able to support our youths, to equip them with the right tools to influence and innovate new ideas to make a positive impact.

Nature Based Solution

Nature-based solutions are proven ways of reducing carbon emissions and capturing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through the protection, restoration and management of natural ecosystems. By advocating the adoption of nature-based solutions, we will be able to increase forest cover, improve biodiversity and mitigate carbon emissions.

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